Network Whisperer

Over the last four years in business, we not only developed a passion for sharing other’s businesses and telling their stories BUT we also harnessed a bit of a super power in the world of entrepreneurship…

I am not sure who it was that wrote this but they were ON POINT – “It’s not the size of your Rolex that matters in business but the size of your Rolodex”, in other words the more people you know and know well enough to trust and be trusted, the bigger and faster your success will come.

In four years of serious entrepreneurship and fifteen years of networking, I have been blessed with friendships and connections around the world, in many trades and walks of life. Through collaboration and celebration of each other’s skills, we have put together a directory – The Network Whisperer.

If you need to find someone or require a service please do get in touch using the form below. Likewise, if you would like to be placed in the directory, get in touch to organise a chat, we can see if you are a match for our clientele, find out a bit more about how you operate and what your experience looks like.