Cake Biz Success


Cake Biz Success: How to Start or Grow a Successful Cake Business

Diana CakeBiz Coach



Cake Biz Success: How to Start or Grow a Successful Cake Business

Start or Grow your cake business the right way ! Whether you are running a cake business already and feel overwhelmed whilst earning less than the minimum wage maybe, or you are looking to escape the daily commute to become your own Cake Boss, then this is THE book for you! Hi, I’m Diana, The Cake Biz Coach, and I have owned my own cake business, taught cake decorating at University and as a qualified coach and mentor I have been helping folks to start or run a successful cake business for over 6 years. I now want to share all the knowledge and techniques I have learned over the past twenty years in order for you to achieve your cake business success. This book will inspire and motivate you to run your cake business in the right way avoiding the pitfalls of working long hours, for little money, and putting a strain on yourself and your family. If this is you then you must read it, and if you haven’t started your cake business yet make sure you read it to avoid those issues. The book covers * How to price your cakes correctly * How to Command your worth for your cakes * How to stand out from the crowd * How to find and keep your ideal cake customer * How to effectively and efficiently market on and offline * How to manage your cake business time around your family * and much more …….

By Diana CakeBiz Coach


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