Grit School

Grit School – Overcoming Your Biggest Personal Obstacles to Achieve Your Greatest Success

Tish Hawken



Grit School

Being a woman in business can be hard by anyone’s measure. Having vision, motivation, stamina, courage, determination, and patience are simply some of the character traits that we need to craft and nurture over time to be successful. Some of these qualities might be in steady supply when energy levels are high and the road is smooth; but what happens when times get difficult personally? We can be knocked off track professionally, our momentum can be reduced and we could even be tempted to give up our business venture. How do we stay focussed, confident and successful when life throws us an emotional curve ball? Do you: -Struggle with personal difficulties that kill your mojo and lower your self-belief? -Feel held back by past events or trauma and cannot find your true self-worth and confidence? -Know that you have negative thinking patterns that are hindering your success? -Suffer with stress, overwhelm and burnout? -Have a real desire to develop grit and resilience and to have what it takes to be successful? In this book, Tish will lay out what she learned both personally and professionally to enable you to accept, manage and move through your difficult personal circumstances; to teach you and, in doing so help you to get back on track with your business vision and goals that will then lead towards your success. With little and, at times, no support, Tish managed to work her way through some major life challenges as a younger woman. Not only did she keep her head above water throughout this period, the accumulative effect of these repeated knock-backs served to hone her resourcefulness even though she was struggling with mental and physical health difficulties. By reading this book you will gain an insight into some of Tish’s strategies and you can choose to apply some or all of the teachings that are provided, to help you stay focused in your business or career whilst dealing with major difficulties. You will learn how to: -Reset and prioritise your goals and vision. -Manage stress and anxiety. -Challenge and reduce negative thinking. -Handle strong emotions effectively. -Love and believe in yourself again. -Tap into your own strengths and resources. -Move into higher vibrations. -Learn to let go, trust yourself and the universe. -Plan and organising effectively. -Begin to develop more resilience. -Keep focused on your career amongst adversity. “My mission is to help ambitious women to cope successfully when they are facing personal challenges. To teach them how to tap into their own resources that lie within; whilst simultaneously maintaining the vision of what they can achieve and who they can become”.

By Tish Hawken


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